Teardown of a Vuse Go disposable vape.


This vape is completely made out of plastic parts. The tube has some specs printed on the back.

Vuse Go: Front

Vuse Go: Back


The internals of this vape are pretty standard. There’s a liquid container, a battery with a nice bit of padding foam, and a controller embedded in a silicon grommet.

Vuse Go: Internals

Liquid container and coil

The liquid container is nothing out of the ordinary, but it has a coil made of a mesh structure embedded in a stainless steel tube.

Vuse Go: Liquid container and coil


The controller is a 5-pin chip without markings.

Vuse Go: Controller


The battery is a rechargeable 345mAh 3.7V lithium-ion battery. Its markings read EVE13300CS - 1.28Wh + C42211238.

Vuse Go: Battery