Teardown of a Vozol Star disposable vape. This particular device has a slightly different construction than most other vapes.


This vape is made out of a single piece of plastic with a separate mouth piece. It is not a tube, because one end is closed.

Vozol Star: Front

Vozol Star: Back


The internal parts of this vape are all contained in clear plastic tubes, closed off and linked together by silicone caps. The liquid container is made out of one of the plastic tubes, the battery and the controller are housed inside of the second plastic tube.

Vozol Star: Internals

Liquid container and coil

The liquid container is nothing out of the ordinary. The coil, however, is not really a coil, but rather some some sort of mesh structure surrounded in a stainless steel tube.

Vozol Star: Liquid container

Vozol Star: Coil


The controller is a 5-pin chip with markings reading S085L 8447.

Vozol Star: Controller


The battery is a rechargeable 500mAh 3.7V lithium-ion battery. Its markings read + 13350 3.7V 1.85Wh - 23030403Y.

Vozol Star: Battery