Teardown of an UPENDS UpBar, although there’s already a teardown of a vape with exactly the same name, this one seems to be considerably smaller.


The constructions is the same as the bigger version: A stainless steel tube with plastic end caps, wrapped in a sticker with its flavour and brand printed on it.

UPENDS UpBar: Front


The internals are also the same as the bigger version, and many other vapes: A liquid container, battery, and controller embedded in the end cap.

UPENDS UpBar: Internals

Liquid container and coil

This is getting boring… The internals of the liquid container are similar to most disposable vapes out there.

UPENDS UpBar: Liquid container


The controller is a 5-pin chip with markings reading S085 8075. Next to it you see the back of a Dutch 5 euro cent coin with the outline of our king Willem “Willy” Alexander.

UPENDS UpBar: Controller


The battery is a rechargeable 400mAh 3.7V lithium-ion battery. Its markings read +BPI 13300 400mAh- 3.7V 1.48Wh 22K04.

UPENDS UpBar: Battery