Teardown of the SKE Crystal Super Max, the bigger version of the SKE Crystal Bar.


This vape is constructed similarly to its smaller counterpart. Its made out of an outer plastic part which is also the mouth piece with an inner stainless steel tube, closed off with a metal cap.

Crystal Super Max: Front

Crystal Super Max: Back

Crystal Super Max: Inner tube


The internals are similar to other vapes, though a bit bigger. There’s a liquid container, a battery, and a controller embedded in a silicon grommet.

Crystal Super Max: Internals

Liquid container and coil

The liquid container is similar to the smaller version, it also has an inner stainless steel tube surrounding the coil.

Crystal Super Max: Liquid container

Crystal Super Max: Liquid container internals

Crystal Super Max: Coil


The controller is a 6-pin chip with markings reading CSC911DC S2PnY.

Crystal Super Max: Controller


The battery is a rechargeable 650mAh 3.7V lithium-ion battery. Its markings read +13450 650mAh- 3.7V 20220906.

Crystal Super Max: Battery