These are by far the most common model of disposable vapes I found in the past year.


The construction of these vapes is quite distinct. They have an easily recognizable clear outer plastic housing which includes the mouth piece. It is closed off by a metal cap. The actual parts of these devices live inside of the inner stainless steel tube.

Crystal: Overview

Crystal: Front

Crystal: Inner tube


The internals are nothing out of the ordinary. They consist of a liquid container, a battery, and a controller embedded in a silicone grommet.

Crystal: Internals

Liquid container and coil

The internals of the liquid containers are exactly the same, except for one detail. The wires to the coil in the SKE Crystal Bar go through the silicone grommet, where in the Vapeurs Crystal the wires are connected to dedicated solder tabs which are embedded in the silicone grommet.

Crystal Bar: Liquid container

Crystal: Liquid container


The controller is a 5-pin chip with markings reading CSC912D 8TP.

Crystal Bar: Controller

Crystal: Controller


The battery is a rechargeable 500mAh 3.7V lithium-ion battery. Its markings read + BX13350 500MAh - 3.7V 1.85WhXH for the SKE Crystal Bar and + SKE 13350 500mAh - 23040903 3.7V 1.85Wh for the Vapeurs Crystal.

Crystal Bar: Battery

Crystal: Battery