Today I found another one of those disposable e-sigarettes while I was on my way to work. You can find the teardown of a UPENDS UpBar here. Because I already covered one of these devices, I’ll mainly focus on the differences between this one and the previous one.


The device is made out of a single stainless steel tube. The tube is coated with some sort of soft finish coating with the brand name and flavour printed on it.

MYTTHS Pro: Front

MYTTHS Pro: Back


This particular device is consists of a few more bits than the UPENDS UpBar, but lacks a dedicated liquid container.

MYTTHS Pro: Disassembled

MYTTHS Pro: Internals

One thing that stood out is that the wires were way longer than they had to be.

MYTTHS Pro: Untangled internals

Liquid container

This particular device doesn’t have a dedicated liquid container. The outer stainless steel tube is used as the liquid container and the liquid container section is sealed off by two silicone parts at both ends.

MYTTHS Pro: Vaporizer

MYTTHS Pro: Heater coil


The controller assembly is similar to the one used in the UPENDS UpBar. The key difference is that this device uses a different controller chip, which is marked Y928J 223FTd.

MYTTHS Pro: Controller module

MYTTHS Pro: Disassembled controller module


The battery is a rechargeable 400mAh lithium battery, marked with the text R13300D 3.7V 1.48Wh HTKJ 22083001A002. Again a perfectly good battery that got thrown away…

MYTTHS Pro: Battery