And I found yet another one! I already took two other types of these devices apart. The first one was a UPENDS UpBar and the second one was a MTTHS Pro.


This particular device is made out of an aluminum tube. The tube is coated with some sort of soft finish coating with the brand name, flavour and some specs printed on it.

ALT Switch: Front

ALT Switch: Back


The internals of this device are packed tightly together, more so than the other devices I already took apart.

ALT Switch: Disassembled

ALT Switch: Internals

Liquid container

This device has a dedicated liquid container, which I like, because it saves a lot of cleaning up after disassembling the device. The construction of this liquid container is way different from the devices I disassembled before. The coil is connected to the controller via a PCB at the bottom of the liquid container.

ALT Switch: Liquid container

ALT Switch: Liquid container disassembled

The coil is located all the way to the bottom of the liquid container and is wrapped in a bit of spungey material. There is no heat resistant tube, like the tubes found in the other devices.

ALT Switch: Heater coil


The controller is nothing different from what I’ve seen earlier. A small metal container which looks like a small microphone with an LED and three wires connected at the bottom.

ALT Switch: Controller

The chip in the controller is a 5-pin part, marked with SG8036 8236.

ALT Switch: Controller chip


This device also uses a rechargeable 400mAh lithium battery, marked with the text IP801437D3R2 3.7V 1.48Wh 400mAh 2022-07-10. This battery is not cylindrical, but a more flattened pouch battery with its terminals on one end.

ALT Switch: Battery