Teardown of a Almassiva “Sommer in Beirut” disposable vape. “Sommer in Beirut” seems to be a product line of Almassiva, though I am not sure what summer in Beirut really has to do with that.


This device is built like most other vapes: A stainless steel tube with plastic caps. It has a surprising amount of text printed on the back of the tube.

Almassiva: Front side

Almassiva: Back side


The internals are nothing out of the ordinary, apart from the three foam pads on the battery.

Almassiva: Internals

One thing that stood out was the cutest little crimp connecting the controller wire to the coil wire. In most other vapes these wires are soldered together instead.

Almassiva: Crimp

Liquid container and coil

The liquid container and the coil are nothing out of the ordinary.

Almassiva: Liquid container and coil


The controller is a 5-pin chip with markings reading TY69016A SY3332500.

Almassiva: Controller


The battery is a rechargeable 550mAh 3.7V lithium-ion battery. Its markings read 13400 3.7V 550mAh 2.035Wh + Kendal 230517 -.

Almassiva: Battery