Sounds Test-Case

At the end of 2022 we finished making another Test-Case. This Test-Case showcases a number of different assemblies for producing analog sounds in pinball machines. You can, like the other Test-Cases, find this Test-Case in the Dutch Pinball Museum.

Arduino and the Rockwell 10941/10939 chipset - Revisited

Test-Case Cases

At the end of 2021 they got picked up to be on their way to the Dutch Pinball Museum: three devices which are the first iteration of project Test-Case. I’ve worked on this project for about a year, together with my father.

Test-Case Controller

A few months ago I designed and assembled my first PCB featuring multiple SMD components. It essentially is a scaled down pinball machine controller board featuring eight high power outputs, eight LED outputs, and a four by four input matrix. And all of that crammed onto a 10 by 10 centimeter PCB.

Williams EM Schematics Symbols

I am working on a project for which I have to rewire a Williams EM Stardust pinball machine. To make sure I will be able to rewire it correctly, I wanted to redraw the original schematics diagram. To do that, I ended up creating and releasing my own symbols library for QElectroTech with symbols for drawing Williams EM schematics diagrams.