This Privacy Policy describes which information is collected from you, how that information is used and what the legal basis is for doing so. It also covers whether or not that information may be shared.

This Privacy Policy applies to the information obtained through your usage of Thomas' blog (


Thomas' blog is a personal website maintained by Thomas Gravekamp.

What information is collected

Only anonymised usage information is collected. No personal information is collected. This information is collected and processed for statistical purposes, to improve this website and to recognize and stop misuse.

Usage information includes the website from which you visited this website, the date and duration of your visit, your anonymised IP address and information from the device (device type, operating system, screen resolution, language, country you are in, web browser type) you used during your visit.

This information is collected and processed by a self hosted Matomo Analytics instance. This information will never be sold to anyone.

Opt-out of website tracking

You can opt out of being tracked by unchecking the checkbox below. Note that doing so will set a single cookie to remember your choice.

Retention of information

Raw information collected by Matomo will be retained for 180 days. Reports based on the raw information will be retained for 1 year.

Privacy Policy Changes

This Privacy Policy may change over time. Be sure to check this page regularly.