Pinball, electronics and programming

Teardown #2: APC Smart-UPS 1000VA

In this teardown, we will take a look at an APC Smart-UPS 1000VA (SUA1000RMI2U). An UPS is a device that protects other devices from mains power failures by temporarily providing power from its batteries.

Homebrew pinball #2: Prototype electronics

This is the second post in a series on building our own pinball machine. This post is more or less an addition to the first one, as it describes all the different things we experimented with before we were able to assemble the first prototype “machine”.

Homebrew pinball #1: Prototypes

This post is the first one in a series of posts on the development of our own pinball machine. We, me and my father, started with this project somewhere in 2012. That year we bought a Bally Freedom (IPDB#952) EM pinball machine. The machine was in a bad shape and we thought it would be a cool project to restore the machine to its original state.

Teardown #1: Defzone 300sg firewall

In this first teardown we will take a look under the hood of a Defzone 300sg firewall. These firewalls have been sold around the year 2007 and are not supported anymore. Moreover, there is no information in the internet on this device and its manufacturer. Time to take a closer look at the hardware used in these devices!

Arduino and the Rockwell 10942/10939 chipset

This small side project started by buying a Diamond Lady pinball machine with a defective display. We had to find out why the display wasn’t working.